Monday, 10 June 2013

Yonex Nanoray 10 Badminton racket review


                           The Yonex Nanoray 10 is the most head light racket from Yonex. It comes with a G3 grip which is a bit larger than the usual G4 size from Yonex. It is a Light weight Head light balance racket. The technology used is the usual Nanoscience technology which composites of the Graphite shaft. It costs around 45 USD and its suitable for Intermediate players.

                           It has an excellent graphics in it. As shown in the picture below with the white and green mix of color with shades of black and red the racket is really attractive for me. It is a bit unusual from Yonex to use such new colors, anyway its good to see such improvements.


                    It is company strung with a Yonex string probably at 20lbs (approx.). Its has a prescribed tension of 19~24 lbs. Though Advanced professionals may go as high as 28lbs. The frame is actually a bit wider so it may hold such tensions. I tried it with a Yonex BG 65 TI string at 26lbs.

Hitting Time:

                Initially I started testing it out with high Forehand clears. The name Head light came into my mind every time I swing the racket. Its so Light in weight and its very easy to swing and control the racket.

                Then I started the drop shots and the same result now too. Its so easy and its done effortlessly but players who don't prefer  free racket swing must try this before you but it.

Smash time:

                As for most other players this is my favorite shot and once I landed the first smash to my partner's box he gave me a wicked smile. Yes its great to smash with this. I felt a great power in my smashes and its more accurate too. The cross court smashes are so easy and I've also started hitting the Lines inch perfectly. I really started wondering why those people say Head light rackets are not good for smashing. I really feels good for me.


               In defense I felt a little push back of the racket while taking on hard smashes may be its because of the light weight. You may have to hold the racket near the "V" to make it easily adjustiible. Its so easy to switch forehand and backhand postions.


               This is an extremely light weight racket and its suitable for all kinds of Players. But Players who mainly play doubles and have an attacking style might try it out before you buy it. Based on my own trials with this racket I will rate it 8 out of 10.

P.N. This is my first review please share ur comments and Help me Improve :) 
Thank You.